Shana Morrison

SHANA MORRISON & CALEDONIASATURDAY, OCTOBER 13 4pm – 6pm, Outdoor Stage Civic Center Plaza, Los Gatos

Shana Morrison began her career by performing with her father, Van Morrison, before going on to perform in the San Francisco Bay Area with her own group Caledonia in 1996. Her debut CD, Caledonia, was released on her own label, Belfast Violet Records, in 1998. It was later picked up by the Monster Music label in 1999.

Rolling Stone has described Morrison as having “a smooth, elastic voice and a style that lands between jazz chanteuse and rock chick.”

Her musical style has been called pop with a side of blues and a side of rock and includes a broad range of influences such as blues, R&B, country, rock and jazz. While the bulk of her performances showcase her own diverse and mature songwriting talents, Morrison throws in a few choice cover tunes by such greats as John Lee Hooker, Bill Withers or papa Van Morrison.


1.45pm to 6pm – TOWN CHAMBERS/LIBRARY (venue to be confirmed)
tickets available soon

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3.30pm – 4.15pm IN ANOTHER WORLD: VAN MORRISON’S BELFAST, Gerald Dawe – details

4pm – 6pm SHANA MORRISON & CALEDONIA,  Outdoor Stage Civic Center Plaza